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“Your Nose/Breasts/Face are Perfect.” The Ethics of Plastic Surgery.

Avoid Condescension

Lets say I don’t like my slowly graying hair.  One day when I show up at the salon, will the stylist tell me I don’t need “Just for Men” hair color?  “Your gray hair is perfect, you don’t need this product.”Forget them!  If I want Touch of Gray, you bet I’m going to get it!

Doesn’t an attitude of “your [body part] is great” deny the individual space to make reasonable determinations about self-image?

When patients discuss an area of concern, often it’s something that doesn’t bother me.  That’s not the point – it bothers the patient.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

There are people who suffer from mental illness.  Typical hallmarks of body dysmorphic disorder are extreme preoccupation, perfectionist tendencies and avoiding social situations.  While I am not a psychiatrist, I do refer out to mental health professionals when I have a concern.  See here and here.

On multiple occasions, I have required patients obtain psychiatric clearance for surgery, just as I would obtain cardiac clearance to ensure that a patient is healthy enough to undergo a procedure.

Not encouraging patients to undergo a procedure they otherwise do not want

This is the opposite of avoiding condescension.

Your eyebrows – they are not 100% symmetric.  Your nose – you noticed that bump?  Your upper lip – it looks small when you smile.  It’s very easy to make people self conscious about their body – and that’s not right.

So I don’t judge people when they tell me something concerns them.  Likewise, I don’t manufacture concern where none exists.

Dr. Domanski
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Focusing on natural results, Dr. Domanski believes in helping patients regain control over their bodies.

Dr. Mark Domanski is a Double-Board certified Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Domanski is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery.

He has been recognized as a “Top Doctor” by Washingtonian Magazine, Northern Virginia Magazine and DC Modern Luxury magazine. However, Dr. Domanski’s favorite accolade is his Most Compassionate Doctor award by Patient’s Choice.

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