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Facelift & Neck Lift in VA

Smiling middle-aged woman after neck lift in Fairfax VA

Facelifts and Neck Lifts in VA are common plastic surgery procedures. Why Facelift & Neck Lift are popular in VA? Many professionals in DMV area look to tighten the jawline, restore youthful facial structure, improve saggy jowels, and obtain a youthful appearance. Face and neck lifts may target certain effects of facial aging such as […]

Plastic Surgery without Anesthesia?

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Domanski, performing in-office eye lid lift in his Fairfax, Va office.

Can any plastic surgery be done without anesthesia? Anesthesia is one of the top concerns that surgery patients have.  Thankfully, more and more patients can undergo procedures using local anesthesia.  Patients can eat before their procedure and may take medication to decrease anxiety.  Patients are often surprised by how easy the process is and feel completely in control.  Here are five […]

Staying Local For Plastic Surgery

Showing local area regarding staying local for plastic surgery: Rossyn view from Georgetown with Key Bridge and Potomac River on the first plan.

Why Staying Local is the Best Choice for Plastic Surgery With pandemic travel restrictions now lifted, many patients have been tempted to jet off to destinations like Miami, Turkey, or the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery. While the allure of lower surgical costs may be enticing, when factoring in expenses such as airfare, accommodation, and […]

Summer Plastic Surgery

Attractive women after plastic surgery procedure wearing hat and sunglasses and smiling

How Plastic Surgery Changes each Summer? With summer approaching, the kids will be out of school and families take more vacations.  Plastic surgery also undergoes a seasonal change.  At Bluemont Plastic Surgery, we see this trend take place every year beginning around Memorial Day and ending in mid-September.  Here are some plastic surgery procedures where we see an […]

RF Microneedling and traditional Microneedling

A women with brown hair and brown eyes holding her left cheek and feeling her smooth skin after radiofrequency RF microneedling treatment.

Let’s compare RF Microneedling and traditional Microneedling, two popular skin rejuvenation treatments that you frequently hear about. While both treatments may seem alike, RF microneedling involves a more intricate device and comes with a higher price tag. You might wonder if the treatment is truly worthwhile. Similarities Microneedling and RF Microneedling share a common goal […]

Five Options for an Improved Neck Contour

happy woman with a defined and improved neck contour, smiling with closed eyes

A youthful, well-defined neck can take years off your appearance. A neck exhibiting loose skin, undefined jawline, wrinkles, or excess fat can be distracting. Here are five treatment options for an improved neck contour: 1. Dysport for Platysmal Bands Platysmal bands are caused by the most superficial muscle of the neck.  The platysma originates on the […]

Recovery Time For Plastic Surgery Procedures

Woman in a makeup looking through the window with the city in the background, portrayed during recovery time after plastic surgery procedure

One of the most common concerns for patients considering plastic surgery is the downtime associated with the procedures. This downtime varies not only between different surgeries but also among individual patients. Factors such as the nature of one’s job, whether it involves physical activity or can be done remotely, play a significant role in determining […]

Epson Salt and Plastic Surgery Recovery

Woman relaxing in a bathtub with epsom salt post plastic surgery

Epson Salt  can help in recovery from your plastic surgery Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, is a mineral compound that has been used for centuries for its therapeutic properties.   Each surgeon will have specific instructions for when it is safe to get the incision wet or soak the incision.  Once it is safe to soak […]

Avoiding Opioids after Surgery: A Plastic’s Surgeon’s Secrets

elective surgery, post-surgical paint management- women taking a pill

Avoiding Opioids After Surgery – Dr. Domanski’s perspective: In 2021, we lost over 80,000 Americans from opioid drug overdoses.  At the same time, pain is something that we as human beings naturally seek to avoid. Taking a couple of narcotic pills after a surgery is reasonable.  This is not why we have an opioid problem […]

How Lip Filler Can Augment Ombré Lips

Close up of a woman's face with red plumpy lips after getting lip filler

Getting lip filler can be a helpful and effective way to enhance the aesthetics of ombré lips. It contributes to a fuller, more defined, and balanced gradient effect. Lip fillers, typically composed of hyaluronic acid, are injected into the lips to add volume, shape, and structure. Here’s how lip fillers may assist in achieving your […]


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